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3 Different Kinds of Baby Bibs

Are you confused about the different types of bibs on the market today? Are you wondering which bib to choose for your baby? What are the differences between these bibs? This blog will tell you.

Traditional bib

This is the most classic type of bib. Usually in the shape of a half-moon, it comes with two fabric strips that you can use to attach the bib to your baby's neck. Made of cotton or terry cloth, this bib is very absorbent and perfect for catching baby drool.

Feeding bib

The biggest advantage of this bib is that it can maintain the baby's own and surrounding low bars clean while the baby is feeding. The top half of the feeding bib is similar to the classic bib, but the bottom half is a pocket that collects solids and liquids that fall from your baby's mouth. Feeding bibs are usually made of silicone and plastic, as both materials are easy to clean.

Disposable bib

Disposable bibs are not suitable for daily use, but if you need to take your baby out to eat or travel, disposable bibs are a good choice. You don't need to clean the bib after each use, just throw it in the trash.

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