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About Swaddle Blankets

(1)、 Why use swaddling?

The main purpose of wrapping your baby in a swaddle is to create a familiar, comfortable womb-like feeling through this narrow swaddle, soothing and calming to your baby. By swaddling, the chance of the baby developing the startle reflex is reduced.

Note: This reflex is innate in every baby. When the baby suddenly hears a noise or feels a vibration, the baby's arms or legs will suddenly stretch out and the fingers will open.

(2)、 the correct way of wrapping swaddling

Step 1: Lay out the blanket in a diamond shape in front of you. Fold and align the top and bottom corners. Put your baby in the center. The baby's head must be above the blanket, and the shoulders must be below the top of the blanket.

Step 2: Place your baby's right arm across his body. Pull the right side of the blanket over and place it on the baby.

Step 3: The lower part of the quilt wraps up around the baby's feet.

Step 4: For the final step, place your baby's left arm tightly on the body and wrap the quilt over it.

Step 5: Wrap the rest of the quilt under your baby and you're done.

(3)、 List of advantages and disadvantages of swaddling

1. Advantages:

more peaceful and longer sleep;

Many babies can quickly settle down in swaddling;

Babies can't turn over and lie on their stomachs, and the sudden death rate is reduced;

2. Disadvantages:

Wrap the swaddle too tightly, compressing the baby's nerves;

Risk of hip dysplasia or deformity may be increased by swaddling;

Wrapping too tightly can cause the swaddle to get too hot.

(4)、When can you stop swaddling your baby?

With the growth of age, the baby's demand for exercise gradually increases. In this case, swaddling will limit the baby's movement space and hinder the baby's motor development.

The ever-increasing enjoyment of exercise in a swaddling swaddle also brings additional dangers. For example, a baby can roll over on his tummy, but is unable to turn back on his or her own, which increases the chance of sudden death. So, when your baby wakes up from a long sleep and opens his eyes, swaddles should be avoided.

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