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Advantages and Disadvantage of Cotton and Linen Fabric

Cotton and linen blended clothing are the favorite clothing of many people in recent years. The clothing has both the comfort of cotton fabric and the breathability of linen fabric. After wearing the clothes, the overall feeling is fashionable and comfortable, even if the cotton and linen fabric is very popular but not many people really know it.

  • Features of Cotton and Linen

Cotton and linen fabrics, as the name suggests, are fabrics made by blending linen and cotton in a certain proportion, because pure cotton fabrics are comfortable and warm but are easy to shrink and wrinkle, while linen fabrics are cool and breathable but have weak elasticity. The characteristics of cotton, and the concept of cotton and linen fabrics are also derived.

  • Advantages of Cotton and Linen Fabrics:

Linen is the main representative of linen fabrics. Its heat dissipation is 4 times higher than that of wool and 18 times higher than that of silk. This is why linen fabrics are popular in summer. It will weaken a lot, but it is still much stronger than other fabrics. Also, hemp has a strong sweat-absorbing function, so the sweat will not stay in the clothes after sweating.

Hemp clothing can maintain the electrolyte balance of the human body, which can greatly reduce the amount of perspiration of the human body. Therefore, the blended cotton and linen fabric also has the same effect, which is the good news for friends who often sweat a lot.

  • Disadvantages of Cotton and Linen Fabrics:

Whether it is cotton fabric or linen fabric, its anti-wrinkle ability is very limited, so cotton and linen will be deformed and wrinkled after friction or washing. If it is too wrinkled and seriously affects the appearance, it needs to be ironed.

The comfort of the fabric will be better than that of linen but not as good as cotton, and cotton and linen clothes will have a little "thorn" feeling after wearing. Another point is that its dyeing tone is dark and belongs to the dark color system, so the gloss intensity of the clothing is very general, and friends who like brighter gloss and color need to consider it.

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