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Advantages and Disadvantages of Organza Fabrics

Organza is the first choice for women who love beauty. In addition to being used to make wedding dresses, organza fabrics are also widely used in dresses.

  • Advantages of Organza Fabrics:

Organza fabric is relatively light, even a large wedding dress will not feel heavy, and organza also has the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays, clothing wearing organza fabric will not be sunburned in the sun, and the fabric The texture itself is better, so the width of the clothing made will be better.

  • Disadvantages of Organza Fabrics:

The shortcomings of organza fabrics are also obvious. The stiff material is easy to prick people, and it will wrinkle after being folded. Long-term contact with the skin will have a rough and uncomfortable feeling, but people usually add a layer of lining inside. In addition, the price of organza fabrics is relatively high, and maintenance is very labor-intensive. After wearing, it is usually sent to dry cleaners for cleaning.

  • Organza Knowledge Expansion:

Organza is generally made of polyester monofilament, which is mainly divided into silk and chemical fiber organza. Silk organza has a strong sense of shape and is often used in wedding dress production. The root yarn will tie the skin, and it is used not only for wedding dresses, but also for curtain fabrics and costumes.

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