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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tencel Fabric

Before introducing the advantages and disadvantages of Tencel fabrics, you may have some misunderstandings about Tencel fabrics. The raw material of Tencel is wood pulp fiber, and Tencel is neither real silk nor natural silk, and there is no necessary connection between the three.

  • Advantages of Tencel Fabric:

Tencel is a pure natural material, and the fabric does not contain chemical substances and is an environmentally friendly fabric, which is more in line with the current consumption concept of people.

The comfort of Tencel fabric is comparable to that of cotton fabric, and the fabric has very good moisture absorption and breathability.

  • Disadvantages of Tencel Fabric:

Tencel fabrics have poor elasticity and are prone to breakage after being rubbed, so pay attention to the daily wearing and maintenance of clothing.

The price of Tencel fabrics is generally higher, and not all garments can use silk fabrics.

Tencel is prone to mildew or deterioration after being placed in a humid environment for a long time.

  • How to identify Tencel fabrics:

To distinguish by touch, Tencel fabric is smooth and soft to the touch, but it is not easy for novices to distinguish by touch, and the burning method can be used.

To identify it by burning, the smell of Tencel fabric when it is burned is similar to that of burning paper, and the ash after burning is in the form of powder.

Tencel is not easy to shrink and has good dimensional stability. If it shrinks after washing, it means that it is not a silk fabric.

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