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Advantages of baby rompers

Climbing clothes are one-piece clothes, which are favored by parents because they are easy to wear. Babies can crawl on their own when the month comes. Wearing bloated clothes is inconvenient to perform movements, and crawling clothes can avoid this very well. And it is easy to wear, so it is very popular among mothers. The specific benefits of crawling clothes are as follows:

1. Improve mobility. Crawling can exercise the strength of the baby's whole body's large muscles, especially the coordination and flexibility of limbs. It is a comprehensive Sexual physical fitness activities help the development of visual and auditory, spatial position sense, balance sense, and promote the coordination of the body; it can also make blood circulation smooth, and promote the growth and development of muscles and bones.

2. Enhance physical fitness Crawling is the baby's first whole-body coordinated exercise, which can exercise the strength of the chest muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and limb muscles; and crawling consumes a lot of energy, which helps the baby eat more, sleep well, and gain weight , grow fast.

3. Enhance parent-child communication Crawling can enhance the communication between mother and child. After the baby can crawl, the successful experience obtained under the guidance of the parents continues to increase, and can obtain a variety of experiences such as excitement, success, and failure in crawling. These experiences can enrich babies’ emotions, and research shows that babies who crawl frequently are significantly more excited when they meet their parents than babies who don’t crawl.

4. Promote social development After the baby can crawl, the possibility of him touching things that his parents are forbidden to touch and doing things that his parents do not allow him to do are greatly increased, which objectively increases the chance of parent-child emotional interaction. At the same time, the baby The ability to crawl makes parents aware of the initiative of the baby itself, and makes the parents begin to demand the child with certain norms, and begin to express dissatisfaction with the baby's non-standard behavior. These changes further promote the infant's socio-emotional development.

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