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Baby Clothes Tips for Keeping Babies Cool Outside

Summer is here, and while parents take their babies to enjoy the summer sun and sand, parents also need to take care to keep their babies cool outside and avoid sunburns. Sunburn is a very serious thing for babies because their skin is more delicate than adults and lacks the protection of melanin. And they also dissipate worse, so will overheat more easily. Here are some tips for keeping your baby cool in the summer.

1. Fabric

In the hot summer months, whether your baby is indoors or outdoors, the right fabric will keep your baby from overheating. Natural breathable fabrics are the best choice for babies in summer, such as natural organic cotton, which is safe, soft and breathable. BabyClothes Wholesale has a range of organic cotton baby clothes with cute and sophisticated prints!

2. Time

Avoid taking your baby outdoors between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., or reduce the amount of time your baby spends outside. The sun's ultraviolet rays are the strongest during this time period, and the baby is much hotter than you think. If you need to take your baby outdoors, don't forget to buy baby sunscreen.

3. Accessories

When I'm talking about accessories, I don't mean gadgets that hang on your baby's body, I mean a fluffy sun hat with a wide brim that's perfect for your baby to wear outdoors. This can provide your baby with plenty of shade and keep the baby out of direct UV rays.

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