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Baby Clothing by Size or Age?

When it comes to buying clothes for your baby, the most troublesome thing for parents should be choosing the size. Your baby's physical development is always going on, and if you don't pick the right clothes for them, they may only wear the clothes you bought a few times.

So when buying baby clothes for your baby, how should you choose the size? Nowadays, many baby clothes are divided according to age, but in fact, different babies of the same age will also have various body shapes. Therefore, choosing the size of baby clothes according to age is often inaccurate. The best way is to choose the size of clothes according to the baby's body size.

Measure your baby's body size

First, before your baby is born, you should do some preparations. Since there is not much difference in the size of newborns, when choosing a size for a newborn, you can choose a newborn size with confidence. As your baby grows, gaps in size begin to appear, and you need to measure your baby's body data regularly to buy the right size clothes.

If you're not sure, you can also buy some oversized clothes for your baby, so even if your baby can't wear them now, they can still wear them when he gets older.

Once your baby learns to stand, you can easily measure their height with a tape measure. Again, you need regular measurements so you can track your baby's development.

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