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Baby Clothing Wholesaler and Baby Clothing Distributor, Which One is Better?

Baby clothing wholesalers and baby clothing distributors are different. Many people are confused when they are faced with choosing to be a wholesaler or a distributor. In fact, whether you want to be a wholesaler or a distributor is up to you, first you need to determine what you want yourself to achieve, and then make a decision. And obviously, there are more benefits to being a wholesaler.

Great freedom

When a company is looking for a partner, the first concern must be independence. As a wholesaler, you can make decisions for yourself, and you are your own boss. You can decide what business you do, and you can decide what to sell.

Exclusive supply

As a wholesaler, you can exclusively supply products without entering into a commercial agreement with the manufacturer. Also, you don't have to participate in the manufacturer's promotions like the dealer, which usually consumes a lot of your time and energy. For entrepreneurs, time is everything, and you need to have a lot of time to focus on your own business.

Freedom of income

Finally, wholesalers have the freedom to control their own income. The main source of profit for wholesalers is the discounted prices they get on bulk purchases, and they are free to break up bulk items and sell them to retailers at higher prices. They can also choose their own manufacturers and stock categories, and can even make price suggestions to manufacturers.

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