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Baby Saliva towel gauze, pure cotton or waterproof?

Let me introduce some information about the Baby Saliva towel. Because many new mothers want to buy before the baby born.

1. Generally speaking, the products used by babies are made of high-quality materials such as pure cotton and bamboo fiber. The most common ones are pure cotton fabrics, and gauze which has just become popular in recent years.

2. Comparison of the three:

Generally, traditional pure cotton products may become dry and hard after a long time of use, which is more likely to breed bacteria. It may be uncomfortable for your baby to wear.

Cotton gauze material is generally better, more hygroscopic and breathable, and softer than pure cotton. Generally, it will not be hard after using for a long time, the thinner it is, the softer it is.

Waterproof material, the advantage is that the baby's saliva will not wet the clothes below, and it is easier to clean. But the disadvantage is that it is not very breathable and the softness is not particularly good.

The parents can choose as they wish.

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