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Best Baby Pajamas for Summer

Playing outside with your baby can be a fun time in summer, but summer nights are often hot and stuffy. Not only you, but your baby will feel sick too. Luckily, you can choose a cool and breathable set of pajamas for your baby to sleep comfortably on summer nights. Here are some guidelines for choosing summer pajamas for your baby.

Try two-piece pajamas

If it were you, would you choose a chunky one-piece or a crisp two-piece on a summer evening? I'm sure most people will choose the latter, and so will your baby. Two-piece pajamas allow better air flow and keep your baby cooler and more comfortable than a one-piece. Also, when choosing two-piece pajamas, you should pay attention to choosing fabrics that are breathable and soft.


The best and worst fabrics for summer pajamas are cotton and fleece, respectively.

For a comfortable night's sleep, I highly recommend choosing cotton pajamas. Cotton is lightweight, breathable and soft to keep your baby from feeling stuffy during sleep.

The fluffy pajama set is cute, but it's not for summer. Fleece fabrics can make your baby feel hot and uncomfortable, making it difficult to fall asleep. Save these pajamas until the weather gets colder.

Sleeping bag

Babies tend to sleep faster and sleep better in a sleeping bag. To help your baby get a peaceful and comfortable sleep, you can also use a sleeping bag for your baby during the summer. But please pay attention to choose a light and breathable style.

Avoid baby hats

The baby will look very cute wearing a baby hat, but in fact, the baby is not suitable for sleeping with a baby hat, especially in summer. Because the baby relies on the head to dissipate heat, wearing a baby cap will affect the baby's heat dissipation and cause the baby's body temperature to be out of balance.

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