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Best Fabrics for Winter Baby Clothes

What are the best fabrics for baby winter clothing? This is a question parents often ask. Whether you sew it yourself or buy it in an online store, you need to find the perfect fabric. Especially in winter, baby clothes should be soft and warm.

1. Fleece

Synthetic wool is the perfect substitute for wool. Wool comes in a variety of weights and is moisture-wicking to keep newborns warm even in harsh winters. It is stain resistant, machine washable and quick drying. From fleece jumpsuits to blankets, the possibilities are endless. BabyClothes Wholesale offers the best jumpsuits in a variety of fabrics.

2. Knitted fabric

Knitted fabric is suitable for babies whenever possible because it is slightly stretchy and can stretch as your baby grows and moves. Lightweight and breathable, this fabric is available in 100% cotton, 100% wool or a blend of cotton, wool and synthetic fibers.

3. Fabric gauze

The tulle fabric is lightweight, the most important feature that makes it easier to work with. Not only that, but the temperature-regulating and breathable fabric quality provides womb-like warmth and comfort, allowing newborns to sleep soundly. Buy baby bodysuits in this fabric wholesale to keep your baby warm while looking stylish.

4. Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon fabric is organic, non-allergenic, and in addition has antibacterial properties. It's perfect for babies' sensitive skin and is thermoregulatory, meaning the fabric adjusts to the newborn's body temperature, reducing overheating.

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