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Children’s clothing style suggestion

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

1. Babies aged under 3 months are suitable for wearing monk clothes or butterfly clothes: they are all slanted design clothes, that is, a cardigan. This kind of clothes is cross-worn on the chest, and there is lace to adjust the elasticity. This kind of clothes can protect the baby's tummy, and it is very convenient to change the diaper. Butterfly clothes are long skirts, that is, one-piece skirts, and their advantage are similar to those of monk clothes.

2. Babies aged 0-2 are suitable for wearing one-piece and wraps, the advantage of wraps and one-pieces are to protect the stomach from catching a cold, and it is convenient to change diapers.

3. If you want to buy split underwear, it’s better to choose pants with a high waist that can protect your belly.

Other considerations for purchasing children's clothing:

1. Do not buy clothes with ropes or hooded clothes. The baby may be strangled by the rope when playing.

2. Don't buy clothes with zippers, some babies will like to play with zippers, so it is easy to be caught.

3. Don't buy clothes with too many accessories. Some accessories are beads. Babies like to pick beads, and sometimes even eat beads.

4. The size is recommended to choose a larger size, because the baby is still in the stage of long body, the size will soon become smaller.

5. Don't buy one with a collar for a fat baby. The thick neck is easy to be stuck and uncomfortable.

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