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Difference Between Baby Clothing Wholesaler and Baby Clothing Distributor

Do you know the difference between a baby clothing wholesaler and a baby distributor? I will tell you in this blog.

Distributors need to sign commercial contracts with specific manufacturers. They have close cooperation with manufacturers, and this cooperation is well guaranteed through written contracts. And distributors are restricted from using the manufacturer's name. Wholesalers, on the other hand, can buy from different manufacturers and do not need to contract with them for exclusive supply rights.

At the same time, wholesalers can buy products of different brands, and they can buy similar products from different businesses and sell them to customers. Distributors, on the other hand, can only sell goods from the same manufacturer.

Distributors have a wider range of functions than wholesalers. Wholesalers' cooperative customers are usually retailers who can provide large orders, and they rarely cooperate with buyers of small orders. But distributors work with customers of all sizes, whether wholesalers or retailers, who are willing to supply products, and they are also looking for a variety of other customers in the market.

Remember that wholesalers are independent merchants who are free to stock a variety of products from different brands, and they make a profit through discounts on bulk purchases. Distributors are more dependent on their manufacturers, they are actually the manufacturers' salespeople, and they cannot sell competing products.

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