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Do You Know Which Fabrics Are Used for Jackets and Raincoats?

Many people confuse waterproof fabrics with water-repellent fabrics, but they are actually very different in nature.

The essence of the water-proof fabric is that the hydrophobic compound is deposited on the surface of the fiber. There will be many voids on the surface of the fabric, but only water and air can pass through, while the drop-shaped liquid cannot pass through, but it does not achieve real waterproofing, it will still penetrate into the clothes after a long time. This is also the main basis for distinguishing waterproof fabrics from water-repellent fabrics.

The principle of anti-splashing water is to attach a layer of hydrophobic chemical material to the cloth surface, so that the tension of the cloth surface is smaller than the cohesion of water, and the water droplets will spread out when they contact the cloth surface instead of penetrating into it, so if this layer of structure is damaged, the cloth will be damaged. The waterproof function will be lost, because the waterproof function of the water repellent fabric will weaken with the use of time until it disappears.

Waterproof fabric is to add a layer of rubber sole (waterproof coating) at the bottom of the cloth. This waterproof coating is generally made of capsule fiber or silicide, which can make the cloth that is not waterproof by itself waterproof.

To sum up, the waterproof fabrics do not have long-term waterproof performance, and the long-term waterproof fabrics, and their production principles are also different, the former principle is through the cohesion of the fabric tension than the water, and the latter is to directly add a layer. Waterproof coating, you can distinguish them later by these two points.

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