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Everthing You Need to Know about Bibs

A baby bib is a piece of clothing, paper or other material that hangs around the neck and generally covers the chest. The role of the bib is to prevent the baby's clothes and the surrounding environment from being soiled while eating. The bib can be worn not only when the baby is eating, but also when the baby is drooling. Bibs are also one of the must-have items for babies. The following are some classifications of bibs.

Blouse bib

Blouse bibs are generally long-sleeved, and they look like a knee-length shirt. If your baby is surprisingly destructive while feeding, then this is the best option for you as they provide full coverage for your baby.

Drool Bib

Just like his name, this is a bib that can be used when your baby is drooling, its function is to absorb the baby's drool, it is the best match for nursing or feeding. They are also suitable for teething babies as they drool a lot.

Newborn bib

This is the choice of new mothers, they are usually small and protect the baby's little neck, you can bring them to your baby during feedings, they can absorb the milk that the baby vomits.

Feeding bib

Congrats, your baby has entered a new phase with solids added to their menu, it's a big mess phase! A pocket is attached to the underside of the feeding bib to hold both liquid and solid food, preventing a major mess.

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