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Heat Transfer Tips on Wholesale Baby Clothes

Do you know the heat transfer skills on wholesale baby clothes wholesale baby clothes? Please note that the heat transfer I mentioned here is not the transfer of heat to the fabric, but a printing technique: thermal transfer (HTV).

Vinyl Heat Transfer and Vinyl Printing Tips

When you use Vinyl Heat Transfer technology, the printed ink is transferred from the carrier paper to the fabric. Heat and pressure heat transfer vinyl printing adds a pattern to a blank baby garment by applying it to a carrier paper, whereupon the ink is transferred to the baby garment. One of the most common ways to complete this process is to place the iron on the carrier paper and leave it there for a while until you see the ink appear on the baby clothing.

While BabyClothWholesale doesn't offer this process, BabyClothWholesale offers a wide range of blank baby apparel and children's apparel using interlocking knit fabrics that are considered the most suitable for heat transfer because of their low stability and stretchability smaller. If you need to use heat transfer technology, BabyClothWholesale can find blank baby and kids clothes for heat transfer in a variety of styles and sizes.

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