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How Does Baby Sizing Work When Buying Wholesale Baby Clothes?

Is there anything more frustrating than buying baby clothes for your baby? Shopping for baby clothes can be both exciting and frustrating. Think of those cute, mini dresses, socks and hats that look like they were made for dolls.

Although baby clothes are small in size, their sizing is complex. Looking at those labels, should you buy baby clothes that fit now or buy ahead? What size clothes should you buy? How should you understand labels on baby clothes?

This is where it gets annoying, but don't worry, this blog will give you some tips on sizing.

Choose by height and weight

While many baby clothes are categorized by age, every baby develops differently. Therefore, you should choose the size according to your baby's actual weight and height.

It is wise to buy in advance

We all know that babies grow at an astonishing rate. So it's a good idea to buy clothes in advance that you may need in the future so that your baby always has the right clothes. Don't forget to factor in the seasons when buying in advance.

Newborn size is super friendly

For gift givers or families about to have a new baby, the choice of clothes for a newborn is very friendly. Because the size of newborn clothes will give you a lot of wiggle room, they generally fit babies 5-9 pounds. So choosing the right size for your newborn is very simple.

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