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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need from a Baby Cloth Wholesaler?

For many pregnant parents, it's really hard to resist adding 10,000 baby outfits to their shopping list. So start looking for your favorite baby clothes at a baby clothes wholesaler. It's really easy and fast, but on the other hand, babies grow quickly and your baby won't stay the same size for a long time.

So how much clothing does your baby actually need?

7 Seven Bodysuits

Bodysuits usually come in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles, so they can be worn both in summer and winter. When you have seven, you'll always have a clean jumpsuit on hand if you're doing a few laundry a week.

3-5 pairs of pants

In fact, babies don't really need pants, but if you have a few pairs of leggings at home, your baby can be warmer in the winter.

4 sleepers or footies

Sleepers and footies can be used not only at night, but also during the day. In cold winters, they can be used with swaddles to keep the baby in a warm environment.

2 hats

Hats are important in the first weeks and months to provide warmth to your baby. But remember, don't wear a hat while your baby is sleeping.

5 pairs of socks

Babies born in summer need it too, because socks keep your baby's feet comfortable.

2-3 swaddles

Swaddles are not clothes themselves, but every family buys them for their babies because babies spend a lot of time in swaddles. Why? Many babies enjoy being swaddled for the first few months because it makes them feel safe, like being back in their mother's womb.

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