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How Many Burp Cloths do You Need?

A burp cloth is a functional baby accessory for absorbing fluids your baby spit out, a must-have for every mom! When choosing a burp cloth, you need to choose the softest fabric, strong enough absorbency, and a wide enough product.

Uses of burp cloths

The burp cloth is mainly used to absorb the things that the baby vomits after meals, the daily drool, and the spit milk, which is a must-have for us to clean the baby.

How to use a burp cloth?

After feedings, place a burp cloth over your shoulders and lift your baby to absorb the baby's vomit. When placing the burp cloth, be careful to cover the entire shoulder with the burp cloth.

How many burp cloths do I need?

The answer to this question depends on you and your baby. Each mother will breastfeed differently, and each baby will spit up differently. Plus, the higher the number of burp cloths, the less often you'll be washing. For a baby, 8-14 burp cloths are enough.

Multifunctional burp cloth

We mentioned that burp cloths are a versatile item, and in addition to protecting you and your baby's clothing when your baby vomits, they can also be used outside with you. Here are other uses for burp cloths:

summer blanket

temporary bib

Wet to use as wipes

wipe baby's nose

Clean your baby's face, hands, etc.

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