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How Many Layers Should a Newborn Wear?

No matter when a new baby is born, parents are very worried about them getting cold. How many layers should you put on your baby's delicate body? There are many aspects to consider, and you need to check your baby's health and the weather before you make a final decision. There is actually a rule for dressing your baby, which is to add a layer to the number of clothes you wear. It is not always the case that your baby will be cold, and it is important that your clothing be breathable. Here is a guide to dressing your newborn by season.

1. Winter

Every winter, plenty of parents believe that the more clothes they put on their babies, the warmer they will be. But the key to dressing your baby for winter is layering and choosing clothes that fit.

If you have warm clothes for your baby, a cardigan or jacket should suffice. Let's look at how many layers the baby now has: underwear, thermals, dresses or other clothing, jackets or other coats. That's enough, and if you're still worried, a cozy baby hat is great.

2. Monsoon season

During monsoon season, everything gets sticky and very uncomfortable, and layers of clothing add to the irritability. So you can choose breathable, light clothes, it is recommended to wear long sleeves for the baby, which can effectively avoid mosquito bites. On a sunny day, two layers should be enough for your baby. Take a raincoat with you.

3. Summer

In the summer, don't go all out for baby clothes with no layers. Summer baby clothing fabrics are light and breathable, but even in summer, baby underwear should not be ignored. To keep your baby cool in the summer, opt for cotton, plus a sun visor.

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