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How Many Wholesale Baby Clothes Should New-born Wear?

Every newborn is different, so factors such as the weather and the newborn's health should be taken into consideration when preparing wholesale baby clothing for newborns. As a general rule of thumb, your newborn should have more layers than yours. Next we focus on the different seasons.

In winter

Many people believe that in winter, the more clothes you have for your baby, the better. Actually not the case, the quantity of clothes is not critical, you should dress your baby well.

There are up to four layers of clothing for your baby in winter: underwear, thermals, dresses or other clothing, and a coat. A hat is a great way to keep warm, and a pair of thick socks will keep your baby warm as well.

In extreme weather, such as snow, an extra piece of clothing is required when going out with your child. Like snow suits.

In summer

In the hot summer, we should dress our baby as light and comfortable as possible, and throw away those layers of clothing! But even in summer, we can't neglect to provide the baby with comfortable underwear, soft underwear that can fit the baby's skin, not only will not make the baby feel uncomfortable, but also can take off the outer clothes when it is too hot .

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