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How Safe the Wholesale Clothes My Baby Wears?

All parents love to buy clothes for their babies because shopping for babies is really fun. But when shopping, you should keep in mind to avoid clothes and accessories that can harm your child, such as bow ties and loose buttons that can suffocate your baby. The following are hazards to be aware of and avoid.

1. Avoid buttons, bows and ties

Buttons, bows, or bow ties on baby clothes can suffocate your baby. The decorations on these clothes come off easily and babies love to stuff their catches into their mouths, which is a scary thing. If you wish to keep these trims, then stitch them again to make sure they don't come off any time soon.

2. Flame retardancy

Children's pajamas are excellent for being light, snug, and soft, but sometimes, that means they'll burn completely within two minutes once exposed to flames. Therefore, when choosing baby pajamas, please choose those that are flame-retardant, and flame-retardant clothes often have special washing requirements, so make sure to wash them correctly.

3. Watch out for bibs

The bib is to be used while the baby is feeding to prevent the baby from making too much of a mess in and around himself, make sure to remove the bib after feeding. Otherwise, the baby is likely to be caught in the bib while playing, posing a suffocation risk.

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