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How to Check the Sizes for Wholesale Kids Clothes?

Many parents are often uncertain about the size of the clothes when buying baby clothes for their babies. Babies grow so fast, and many parents don't have the right measurements. This blog will introduce how to measure your baby correctly.

Find a tool

First find a tape measure, drop the tape measure at the exact location to know the exact size, and you can easily find the right clothes for your baby according to the size. Here's where you should measure and what you should be aware of.

Top to bottom

Ask your child to stand barefoot, then measure from his heels to the top of his head, making a mark on the wall, it will be easier to measure the height of the mark. It's also a way to keep track of how much they've grown.

Chest circumference

Hold a tape measure across your child's chest and measure at its widest point. Be careful to leave a little space so you don't buy clothes that are too tight and make your child uncomfortable.


Measure the waist while your child is breathing normally, holding the tape measure loosely to ensure comfort. This way they don't get in the way of putting on their pants.

Hip circumference

Measure the widest point on your hips when your child is standing with their legs together.


Measure in the area where the collar is, with two fingers between the tape measure to ensure a snug fit.

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