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How to Choose Baby Clothes that Respect Baby's Skin?

In recent years, organic food has become more and more popular among parents. Parents, however, are not very interested in organic cotton. In fact, a large portion of baby clothing on the market today contains harmful chemicals that can affect your baby's health.

Most baby clothing on the market today is made from cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibers. And traditional non-organic cotton uses a lot of pesticides and is called "the dirtiest organic matter in the world". While polyester and synthetic fibers are derived from petroleum, their production process may experience thousands of harmful chemicals.

Obviously, the best option for babies is baby clothes made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in a natural and sustainable way without herbicides, pesticides and any other harmful chemicals. Choosing organic cotton means your baby is unlikely to be exposed to any of the harmful chemicals that may be found in other clothing.

Despite the obvious benefits of organic cotton, it can still be a tough choice for parents. Growing organic cotton is more labor-intensive, so it's much more expensive, and babies' growth rates mean their clothes can only be worn a few times. So, buying a full set of organic cotton clothing for your baby is a tough decision.

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