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How to choose children's pajamas?

When it comes to preparing pajamas for the baby, many mothers may not know how to choose pajamas for the baby. In fact, when purchasing pajamas, not only the material and thickness of pajamas should be considered, but also the age of the baby. Second, you need to prepare several more sets. Change and wash, let's learn about the knowledge of choosing pajamas for your baby~

1. According to the material

Because the baby's skin is very delicate, when you buy pajamas for your baby, you must consider the material of the pajamas, such as pure cotton pajamas, modal pajamas, etc., which are all good choices. The skin is also well protected.

2. According to age

Since children are in the growth and development period, when purchasing pajamas, they should also pay attention to wearing comfortable and loose clothes. It is recommended that mothers try to choose a slightly larger size when choosing pajamas for their babies.

Made of 94.7% modal + 5.3% spandex, it has good breathability and can keep the skin fresh for a long time. The smooth fabric surface has a silky soft feel even when washed. The round neck design is generous and stylish, and it is comfortable and beautiful to wear. Wide elastic waistband design, more comfortable to wear.

3. Purchase quantity of pajamas

Pajamas are the perfect choice for comfort and convenience at home. Not only can you wear it during the day at home, but you can also wear it when you sleep at night. Therefore, there is no need to choose too many pajamas, but not too few. At least let the baby have a replacement for washing, wow, 2-3 pieces are suitable~

Made of carefully selected high-quality modal fabrics, making it softer and more comfortable to the touch, bringing a skin-friendly and comfortable wearing experience. The clothes are cleverly designed with non-inductive printing marks, which can well protect the baby's skin and reduce stinging.

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