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How to choose clothes for baby

Variety of baby clothes:

There are various types of clothes for newborns, gauze clothes, butterfly clothes, rabbit clothes, fart clothes, etc. are all common baby clothes. Come and learn how to help your baby choose clothes!

1. Underwear

Gauze clothes and cotton clothes:

There are long and short versions. The material absorbs sweat and has a breathable effect. The traditional method is to use it as an inner lining. The side-opening strap design is convenient for replacement.

Butterfly coat:

The upper body is the same as the gauze belly coat, but the difference is that the lower body is longer and has buttons at the feet, turning it into a jumpsuit.

Packing clothes:

The hem buttons can be opened directly, making it super convenient to change diapers.

2. Pants (trousers/shorts)

The lower body of the underwear is matched, and it is more troublesome to change the diaper. It is recommended to wait until the child is older to buy it.

3. Outerwear

One-piece suit (rabbit suit): The design of the rabbit suit is one-piece, even the baby's feet can be completely wrapped, so there is no need to prepare additional socks. It is suitable for the baby to wear when the weather is cold.

4. Miao Miao suit

Two-way use, can be turned into trousers or robes.

Baby clothes selection principle:

1. Based on height and weight

It is best to buy clothes according to the height and weight of the baby, not according to the age, which will be more accurate and suitable.

2. The preferred cotton material

The cotton material is soft and breathable, and the baby's skin is relatively delicate. The cotton material can gently touch the baby's skin, play a good protective role, and will not hinder the evaporation of sweat, making the baby feel comfortable.

3. It doesn't matter if the baby's clothes are bigger

The baby grows up very fast. In fact, buying clothes that can be worn in the season but a little bigger is a small step. Otherwise, many clothes will not be able to be worn again after wearing them once; ! If you don't pay attention, it is easy to miss the opportunity to wear it, and waste it.

4. The style can be changed to wear

Smart selection and creative collocation can save parents a lot of money, such as wrap clothes and jumpsuits, most of which can be worn as general tops. When it is older, it can be used as a thin coat, and considering future wear, it can prolong the fitting of clothes.

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