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How to choose clothes for children

The material requirements of children's clothes are higher than those of adults. They should be good-looking and comfortable. The importance is the quality of children's clothes and not damage children's health, which is the great concern of every parents. According to the characteristics of children's skin and body, harmless fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, natural colored cotton, wool and fur are mostly used.

Method for selecting children's clothes

1. Parents should pay attention to the choice of texture when choosing children's clothes. It should be all cotton and avoid chemical fiber. First, all cotton fabric is soft, children's skin is relatively delicate. All cotton fabric can gently contact baby's skin and protect it. The chemical fiber fabric is often hard, easy to scratch the baby's skin and cause infection; Secondly, cotton fabric has good air permeability, will not hinder the evaporation of sweat, and makes the baby feel comfortable. Chemical fiber fabrics do not have this feature. Sometimes babies sweat during exercise, and the sweat could not evaporate in time, resulting in wet baby clothes. If you don't change clothes for baby in time, baby would easy to catch a cold.

2. About color selection, it’s better choose light colors instead of bright colors. Fabrics with bright colors often contain a lot of chemical dyeing residues, which can easily lead to skin diseases for babies, so we should pay attention about this.

3. About manufacture selection, it should be fine and avoid rough manufacturing. We should ensure that the baby is comfortable and will not be scratched by rough materials.

4. About size selection, we should choose loose, avoid tension, and the baby is easy to move. If the clothes are too tight, it will limit the stretching and activities of babies. If he lacks activities for a long time, the baby is easy to get sick. This is why we choose loose clothes for the baby.

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