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Clothes for newborn baby in spring

Although spring is much warmer, adults can take off their heavy winter clothes and welcome the new season with a new look. But for the baby, the weather is still a bit cold, so for the health of the baby, parents need to choose suitable clothes for the baby, so as not to cause the occurrence of diseases. What clothes do newborn babies wear in spring?

1. Choose soft, loose-fitting clothing.

Newborns need to choose comfortable fabrics for spring clothes, especially underwear and diapers, which must be made of soft, loose, and breathable cotton fabrics. Do not wear wool or chemical fiber fabrics, which can easily cause neonatal dermatitis and eczema.

2. Add or remove clothes at any time.

Newborn clothes should be moderately thick and thin, and don't put too much on your baby because you are afraid of the cold. Parents can judge the temperature of the baby by touching the baby's back and hands. Although the temperature rises in spring, it will also be cold. Parents should add or remove clothes for their babies according to the weather. At the same time, the spring is very dry, and the baby's skin is easily stimulated and caused allergies. If you are afraid that your baby is sensitive, you can wear a cotton clothing first.

3. Don't wear too thick to sleep.

Newborns should not wear knitted underwear or underwear to sleep too thick. It is more comfortable to wear short pajamas and vests to sleep in spring. Take off your coat when you go to bed during the day, cover with a thin quilt, and put on your coat as soon as you wake up.

4. Choose pure cotton fabrics with soft texture.

Because cotton fabrics have good hygroscopicity, air permeability and heat preservation, and are soft and soft without irritating the skin, which is beneficial to the skin's breathing and metabolism. Do not use elastic bands or strong ligatures on the neck, waist and thighs, limbs, etc., which may affect growth and development or cause accidents.

The healthy growth of a baby is a great happiness for a family, and it is also the wish of parents. Babies themselves do not know how to take care of themselves, so parents need to be more attentive, especially in the spring season when colds are frequent, parents should provide the baby with food, clothing, housing and transportation. With more care, such beautiful wishes can be realized every day.

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