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How to Choose Safe Baby Clothing?

If you have a baby, then you've heard the words, "Babies are young, they grow up fast, clothes will outgrow quickly, so buy cheap ones", "Babies are young, they can wear bright colors" and so on. These views are not necessarily wrong, but they ignore the fact that there are many baby clothes in the baby clothing market that have certain safety risks. And the baby's resistance is poor, is still in the development stage, when buying baby clothes need to consider more safety than other factors. Here are three common safety hazards in baby clothing.


Some baby clothing manufacturers add excessive amounts of chemicals such as formaldehyde, dyes and fluorescers so that their substandard clothing is indistinguishable from qualified clothing. Baby clothes that contain excessive amounts of chemicals can be harmful to your baby's body, causing skin redness, acne and other allergies. Serious harmful substances will invade the baby's internal organs and immune system through the respiratory tract and skin infiltration, causing vomiting, weakness and other symptoms. Formaldehyde, in particular, is the most serious source of pollution that parents need to avoid when choosing baby clothes.

Clothing accessories

All sorts of accessories make baby clothes cuter, but they also pose a safety risk. For example, hoodies with suspenders and long drawlines may cause your baby to get stuck on elevators, slides and other facilities, causing injuries and even choking. And that kind of decorations often arouse the strong interest of the baby, because the attachment of these decorations is weak, the baby can easily pull them off, and then put into the mouth to swallow, eventually leading to choking risk. So when choosing baby clothes, choose simple and generous style is the best.

Clothing style

Babies have different activities and physical characteristics at different ages, so they should wear different designs at different stages. When designing baby clothes, it should be considered that it is easy to wear and take off, pants should be loose, and pants legs should be tightened. Good baby clothes should not hinder the baby's activities when the baby moves, and choose the right style to make the baby more comfortable.

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