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How to choose the color of baby clothes?

Nowadays, there are more and more colors for baby clothes, dazzling, it is difficult to choose a color. Everyone has a favorite color, but this color may not be the most suitable. Everyone has a set of colors that belong to them and make them look better. Matching the right colors together can make your baby look very flattering, and BabyClothes Wholesale helps you find the perfect color for your baby!

Choose a color according to your skin tone

To determine your baby's skin tone, look at the color of the veins. If the veins are purple or blue, your baby has cool skin. If they look green, your baby's skin is warm. For cool-toned skin, wear cool, ocean-toned clothing. Rose, emerald, deep purple and ice blue are the most flattering colors. Neutral colors can be chosen from cool gray, white and navy blue.

Choose the color of your baby's mood

If your baby is calm and confident, wear blue. Blue is thought to foster creativity and independence, and conveys a sense of tranquility and positivity.

Colors should mix to create an aesthetic mood. If you want to be artistic and creative, choose clothes in different shades. Like orange and teal, or pink and green. In order to avoid overly exaggerated collocation, you can try the color block collocation of solid color items.

Wearing pastel clothing conveys a carefree, easy-going attitude. Soft colors like mint, pink, and lavender feel inviting and peaceful. Go for a breezy, sunny feel with these pale, summery colors. Wear these colors on weekends, holidays, or otherwise.

Choose colors according to the occasion

Don't wear black and white to your wedding, we don't recommend black or white at your wedding. In a traditional wedding, you should avoid black and white outfits for your baby, as the bride and groom are likely to wear these colors. Any other color is fine as long as it doesn't look too similar to the wedding color. If you're worried about stomping on any color at your wedding, consider wearing something patterned, like a floral skirt or striped tie.

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