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How to Dress A Baby for Extremely Cold Weather?

The cold winter is here, but we can't avoid taking the baby outside. There's nothing worse than finding out in the middle of winter that you're not dressed warm enough to keep out the cold. Especially for babies, not wearing enough clothes can lead to hypothermia and frostbite. So if you're going out with your baby in the winter, make sure you dress carefully and cover your baby from head to toe. Here are some tips for baby winter attire.

1. Head-to-toe clothing

There is one rule of winter dressing: Make sure every part of your body is fully covered and kept dry.

A warm hat

A thick scarf that covers your face and mouth

The cuff fits tightly around the wrist


Dress in layers

Waterproof coat and boots

You can choose your baby's dress style, but you need to evaluate the materials to determine which option will keep your baby warm and dry. BabyClothesWholesale lets you buy warm hats and coats.

2. Layering

When it comes to keeping warm, layering is a safe option, but how you do it needs to be considered based on science.

The innermost layer

Wear clothes that do not absorb moisture and retain body heat. Fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk are very breathable and do not maintain body temperature.

Insulating layer

This layer is your insulation layer, which keeps the heat in by keeping the air away from your body. Wool and goose down are the best natural fibers.

Outer most layer

The outermost layer will protect you from the elements, it should have a tight weave, preferably waterproof and windproof, so as to prevent maximum heat loss.

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