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How to Dress a Newborn in the summer with BabyClohesWholesale?

Summer is here, are you worried about your baby getting sunburned by the scorching sun? What are the best baby clothes for hot sun, UV rays and cool nights? Here are some of our suggestions.

Layer your clothes during the day, not just one.

If you are going out with your baby during the day. You can wear a lightweight hoodie over your baby's short sleeves to block sunlight from reaching your baby's arms, then remove the hoodie in the shade.

In summer, you may go from cool indoors to hot outdoors, so you should bring at least two clothes for your baby.

Away from the sun

Leaving your baby indoors or in the shade is the best way to safely spend the summer. Put them under a parasol if you're at the beach, or put them in a stroller to block the sun if you're walking outside. You can also buy them a visor with a 360-degree wide brim to cover their head.

Use a UV-blocking hat

If you can't keep your baby out of the sun, look for hats with UPF fabric, wide brim, neck guard and chin strap. The strap of the hat will keep it in place, but you shouldn't leave your baby alone when wearing it.

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