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How to Dress And Undress A Baby?

Dressing and undressing your baby is by no means an easy task, but it seems that few people talk about it. We believe we should know it instinctively, but how can we? When we were babies, we didn't clothe ourselves.

How to dress?

Lay your baby back down on a flat surface, take out your prepared garment, and roll it up like an accordion from bottom to top. Raise your baby's head and hold it gently. Stretch the fabric from the neckline to the top of the child's head, avoiding her face.

For the sleeves, use the same accordion technique. Starting on one side, carefully slide her hand through the opening, pulling the sleeve over the child's arm. Continue with the other arm. Make any necessary adjustments to her dress and fasten buttons or buttons.

If you also have pants, use the same accordion technique for each leg. Last but not least, don't forget her little socks.

How to undress?

Also place your baby on a flat surface, removing her one layer of clothing at a time in case she catches a cold. If your child wears multiple clothes, start with the batch of pants. Undo them and slide them down carefully. Hold your child's head each time you remove an arm from her shirt or onesie. Then, lift the garment around her neck and carefully pull it away so the child's head goes through the opening without touching her face. Be careful when changing jumpsuits. Find the perfect jumpsuit in BabyClothesWholesale.

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