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How to Dress Baby for Sleep in Summer?

What pajamas should babies wear in summer? This sounds like an easy question, but it's not. Babies have a limited ability to regulate their body temperature, so follow this rule when choosing pajamas for your baby: your baby will always wear one more layer than you.

When buying pajamas for your baby in summer, one thing that cannot be ignored is: choose breathable and light fabrics. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t rely solely on the thermostat

The ideal temperature for a baby's room is 22-24 degrees Celsius, but just because you set the thermostat to 24 degrees Celsius doesn't mean your baby will feel 24 degrees Celsius while sleeping.

While your baby is asleep, you should monitor your baby's temperature at all times. Don't simply touch their face or other exposed skin, the correct place is their abdomen or back of the neck. The temperature you feel should be warm, neither sweaty nor clammy.

2. Use that rule

You know, overheating is dangerous for babies. You should avoid sweating while your baby is asleep, so you need to look for fabrics that are light and breathable. Your baby will be comfortable in pajamas in this fabric, and you can start with a cotton onesie.

3. Pay attention to the TOG level

Not all baby clothes are the same, they use different fabrics, so their insulation properties are also different. The TOG rating is a standard measurement that gives buyers an idea of ​​how warm a fabric is.

In summer, you should choose baby clothing with a low TOG rating.

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