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How to Dress Your Babies in Hot Weather?

During the summer, the weather gets very warm and babies get to spend more time outdoors. So, you need to keep your baby comfortable while keeping them safe from summer's harmful rays. Here are some summer baby dressing suggestions.

1. Cotton clothing

Cotton is the best fabric for summer! If you can, your baby's summer clothing should be made of 100% cotton, which will keep your baby as cool as possible. Meanwhile, to block out the sun's rays as much as possible, opt for a tightly woven style. You can test your clothes in the sun, the less light passing through, the better.

2. Bedtime clothing

In summer, sleeping is quite difficult. When the weather is hot as it is now, it can take a long time for the kids to fall asleep. Even with the windows open, nighttime temperatures in our bedrooms reached around 30 degrees, significantly higher than ideal bedroom temperatures for babies and children. If you have a fan, use it.

If you don't have a fan, let the kids sleep in diapers only. Sleeping bags and duvets are not recommended as it is too hot.

3. Lightweight summer hat

Keep your child's head out of the sun with a baby sun hat, especially a wide-brimmed summer hat that covers the forehead and protects their delicate ears from the sun. The special UV visor guarantees protection of sensitive skin from the sun, and the cap with a convenient tie under the chin to prevent them from being pulled down is one of the new visors from BabyClothes Wholesale.

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