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How to Measure Baby for Wholesale Baby Clothes that Fit?

Every baby's body is unique and we all love that! But when buying clothes for your baby, you need to choose the size, maybe we all hope that the baby can grow in strict accordance with the size chart. But this is not possible, so we need to know the size of the baby and keep it updated, because the growth rate of the baby is so fast.

Here are the tips we've put together for measuring your baby's body size.


Lay your baby down on a comfortable but firm surface, and you can place a blanket under him. If you can, ask a family member or friend to help you so you can measure with a tape measure in one hand and jot down the data in the other.


Lay your baby on their back, place a tape measure under their body, and measure the widest part of their chest.


Make sure your baby's feet are not separated and the toes are pointing up, then measure the widest point on your baby's hips.


Position your baby as you would measure your hips, using a tape measure from the top of your baby's head to the bottom of your baby's feet. Take care to make sure their spines are straight and in their natural state.

Arm length

Hold your baby's arm evenly, measuring the distance from the shoulder to the wrist.


Often it is difficult for you to put your baby on the scale and the baby will not cooperate with you. So the best way is that you weigh yourself first, then hold your baby again, subtract the first number from the second number, and you get the baby's weight.

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