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How to measure your baby correctly?

Babies grow so fast that before you know it, they'll outgrow their old clothes. It is very important to always measure your baby correctly, and if you are having trouble measuring then take a look at the basic measures. BabyClothesWholesale will help you.

Find some tape measures

With just a few flicks on the exact spot of the tape measure, you're sure to find the right clothes for your new baby. Most clothing products will label these sizes online so you can make the right choice immediately. BabyClothesWholesale provides clients with accurate sizing of each item of baby clothing.

From top to bottom

Ask your child to stand barefoot, from the back of their feet to the top of their hair. It may be easier to estimate their height from a mark on a wall or strip of wood; It's also an interesting way to see how much they grow.


Place a tape measure on the child's chest, preferably slightly below the arm at its widest point. Leave a little extra room for comfort so that the clothes you buy aren't too tight and breathable.


Make sure you use a tape measure to measure your natural waist, just above your hips, easily and comfortably. That way, they can walk freely in their pants without discomfort.

Neck and buttocks

While the child stands with their legs together, measure the widest area of their hips. For the neck, measure where the collar is located around the neck, holding it between the tape measure with two fingers to ensure a good fit.

Keep these helpful measurements and tips in mind before buying baby clothes for your baby. Keep a record of your baby's exact measurements and choose according to those measurements to ensure that the clothes you buy online are suitable for your baby.

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