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How to Select Clothes fabric for Wholesale Baby Clothes?

What kind of fabrics are best for making baby clothes? This is a frequently asked question by mothers. When shopping for baby clothes, moms are always hesitant about fabrics. Here are some fabrics to choose from when you are shopping for baby clothes.

1. Cotton fabric

When it comes to baby clothes, the most popular fabric should be cotton, which is also widely used in baby clothes because it is soft and breathable. But when it comes to buying, organic cotton and naturally grown cotton are definitely better options.

2. Knitted fabric

Cotton knitted fabric is another suitable fabric for baby clothes. Cotton knitted fabrics have many advantages of cotton fabrics, such as breathability, softness, sweat absorption, etc. At the same time, compared with cotton fabrics, cotton knitted fabrics will not pill, and compared with other fabrics, cotton knitted fabrics are also more elastic and less prone to pilling. wrinkle.

3. Rayon bamboo

In recent times, bamboo fabrics have become more and more popular among parents. This is because bamboo fabrics are known to regulate temperature, which means that bamboo fabric clothes will adapt to your baby's body temperature. So you don't have to worry about your baby being too cold or too hot, and the bamboo fabric is very soft and elastic, so it won't restrict your baby's movement when it moves.

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