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How to Wash Wholesale Baby Clothes?

After parents have completed the first challenge - buying clothes for their babies - they are about to take on the second challenge: how to wash their baby's clothes. Because your baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive, it's important how you wash their clothes and the fabric of those clothes. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you wash your baby's clothes.

First, separate your baby's dirty clothes from other dirty clothes and store them in separate baskets. Because there are often many perfumes, deodorants, and detergents that contain chemicals in adult clothes, these chemicals may get into your baby's clothes if they are placed with them.

Wash baby's clothes separately. If you wash your baby's clothes together with your adult's clothes, your baby's clothes may be exposed to harmful substances.

Newly purchased baby clothing, whether intimate or not, needs to be washed. Also, don't forget to cut the label before washing.

You don't need high temperature hot water when washing, you can use 40 degrees Celsius water for white clothes and 30 degrees Celsius water for colored clothes. If you wash your baby's clothes regularly in hot, hot water, these clothes will wear out faster.

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