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How to Wrap Baby with a Swaddle?

Swaddling is a must for any family with a baby. Swaddling reduces the amount of crying your baby does. This is because swaddling can firmly wrap the baby, let the baby think they are still in the mother's womb, can give the baby a strong sense of security. For some new parents, however, swaddling is not an easy task. So please follow me as I teach you how to swaddle step by step!

How to swaddle?

Swaddling your baby is not a difficult task as long as you have mastered the right method! Here's how to use rape!

Step 1

Dress your baby in regular pajamas. Zip it up and open it! Put your baby's arm through the armhole, tuck your foot in, and zip it up carefully

Step 2

Place the left swaddle over the baby. Make sure you tuck your clothes under your left arm

Step 3

Place the right swaddle over the baby and make sure it is closed. The swaddling wrap should be snug, below your baby's chin and aligned with your baby's shoulders

Arm Style

It can be wrapped under one or both arms to help remove the swaddling phase.

The benefits of swaddling

Zipper - Change your baby from the bottom without causing unnecessary trouble to your baby.

Chin Protection - Add baby comfort from the zipper!

Velcro close - sturdy, easy, and wrapped for an accurate swaddle

Longer Sleep - Babies will sleep better and longer by experiencing the safety of our baby swaddling blanket

Reduce the chance of SIDS - Be careful and keep your child safe!

Cozy - The baby will sleep in a cozy swaddle that feels like its back is in the womb!

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