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Babies still have no self-control about excretion, so they have to wear diapers at the beginning to carry urine, but when the baby is about 2 years old, they need to start toilet training. During this process, many mothers will feel very anxious. "My children are still reluctant to take off their diapers. They are too dependent. What can I do?"

It is not easy to make a little guy wearing a diaper use a small toilet immediately. We might as well wear training underwear for the baby to transition this period.

The reason why training underwear is called learning pants is mainly because this kind of underwear, like the small underwear that babies usually wear, can be easily put on and taken off, and it can play a waterproof role, so that the baby can feel a little "wet." ”, so as to cultivate the baby’s toilet awareness and achieve the purpose of autonomous toilet training.

There is a certain difference between training underwear and baby's pull-up pants. The water absorption is not as good as diapers, so it cannot completely replace diapers. It can only be said that it is a good alternative for the baby's transition period.

How delicate the baby's skin is, even if they are learning training pants, we must ensure that they are comfortable to wear; these learning pants are made of high-quality pure cotton fabric at any cost, which is soft and skin-friendly to the touch. There is no roughness, and it is indeed a first-class product of class A, and there is no need to worry about harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents, and it is not afraid of irritating the baby's delicate skin.

The cotton training pants are also very hygroscopic and breathable. They can fully guide the baby's moisture and perspiration quickly, and they will not feel sultry when wearing them, and they are not afraid of the baby's buttocks getting prickly heat.

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