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Knowledge about high quality cotton

The material of children's clothes is very important. The children’s clothes should be good-looking and comfortable. Cotton is the first choice of children’s clothes. But how to choose high quality cotton? Now we have some knowledge about cotton to share with everybody!

First of all, where is the best cotton?

Cotton is divided into many grades. Based on the quality of cotton in the whole country, the cotton produced in Xinjiang may be relatively better. Because Xinjiang has the most suitable natural environment conditions for cotton planting, mainly Xinjiang is rich in heat, sufficient sunshine, scarce precipitation, dry air, large temperature difference between day and night and artificial irrigation with snow water, which provides the better growth of cotton than other cotton areas in my country. Therefore, Xinjiang has a great advantage in growing cotton.

Secondly, how to judge good cotton?

First way: holding the cotton and then loose it. If the cotton can quickly return to its original state, it means that the fiber elasticity is good and the quality of the material is good, which is fit for the children’s clothes. The poor cotton does not feel soft, thick and has little elasticity.

Second way: Pull the cotton by your hands. The lint of the good cotton is long with toughness. The bad cotton will break neatly where it is pulled. These disconnected cottons without lint connections are generally used after crushing and processing with shredded cotton.

Why do we choose cotton as the main material for children’s clothes?

The pure cotton cloth generally feels natural and soft, feels plump and thick, slightly astringent and boney, and can be pulled in a small range, and the recovery speed after pulling is slow. Because all cotton fabric is soft, children's skin is relatively delicate. All cotton fabric can gently contact children's skin and protect it, which can make the children comfortable and health. On the other hand, the cotton fabric has good air permeability, will not hinder the evaporation of sweat, and makes the children feel comfortable. Sometimes the children sweat during exercise, and the sweat could not evaporate in time, resulting in wet children’s clothes. If you don't change clothes for children in time, children would easy to catch a cold.

Therefore, we should know some knowledge about the cotton, for the better choice for the children’s clothes.

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