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Must-Have Wholesale Baby Clothing for Beach

Sand and the sea are beckoning as summer approaches, and they are must-have places for summer. If you're a new parent ready to take your baby to the beach for a fun time, there's a lot to pack. To keep you from getting caught up in this, here are the must-have baby products for beach.

Sun protection

The most important thing to do at the beach is sunscreen for your baby to prevent sun damage to their delicate skin. Babies over six months need to use a baby-specific sunscreen, and if your baby is under six months, they should stay out of the sun entirely. Also your baby's eyes should be protected and you can buy baby sunglasses for them.


Baby's swimwear comes in many different prints and colors, but for babies, swimwear's biggest role is to protect them from the sun. Therefore, the baby's swimwear should meet the following conditions:

Cover as much skin as possible

Choose fabrics with sun protection

Easy to change baby's diaper.

Hooded towel

Even in summer, babies can get chills out of the water, so a hooded towel is a must. On top of that, hooded towels provide sun protection for your baby's head, and they're really cute and perfect for your baby. When choosing a hooded towel, you should pay attention to choosing a soft fabric that will not irritate your baby's skin.

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