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Organic Baby Clothes Make the Perfect Organic Baby Gifts

In recent years, the topic of organic has gained more and more attention. Especially parents, organic food is very important for babies and children. Avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals can go a long way to keeping your baby safe and healthy. Similarly, in the field of baby clothing, there is also an organic presence, such as organic cotton. Organic baby clothing is the best baby gift, so what exactly is organic cotton?

As with organic food, no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are involved in the cultivation of organic cotton. Here are some of the differences between organic cotton and regular cotton.

Seeds: Organic cotton seeds are natural non-GMO seeds, conventional cotton seeds are usually treated with pesticides, and some are genetically modified.

Soil: The soil in which organic cotton is grown is healthy soil obtained through crop rotation, which retains moisture in the soil by increasing organic matter. Synthetic fertilizers are added to the soil of conventional cotton, resulting in a large amount of soil loss due to monoculture.

Weeding: Organic cotton soils are healthy soils that are naturally balanced. Use beneficial insects and trap crops for weed control during planting. In the traditional cotton cultivation process, a large amount of pesticides and herbicides are used, and these agents contain a large amount of carcinogenic ingredients.

Harvest: Organic cotton uses freezing temperatures or water to manage natural leaves, while conventional cotton uses toxic chemicals to cause leaves.

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