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Our Favorite Wholesale Kids Clothing for Beach

High-quality children's swimsuits can save parents a lot of trouble, while also protecting their babies. Here are some favorite beach baby clothes from parents.

Rash Resistant Swimsuit

This zipper swimsuit can cover the baby relatively much to block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the baby's skin. And many parents find it difficult to get into these rash-proof swimsuits and swim diapers, which means your baby is significantly less likely to develop a rash from the sand. BabyClothes Wholesale has rash-proof swimsuits in a variety of colors and prints, with long or short sleeves depending on your preference.

Swimming pants

There are plenty of traditional swimming trunks for babies, and most of them are pretty good. But BabyClothes Wholesale can give you longer-lasting swim trunks at the same price point, and it won't show too much aging like fading, worn elastic bands, etc. We offer a wide range of solid and printed swim trunks, and of course you can also buy swim diapers for younger babies.


In daily life, you can choose to wear or not wear a small hat for your baby, but at the seaside, you must prepare a sun hat for your baby. Our sun hats have the highest SPF, and we use the same polyester spandex material as our swimsuits, which are lightweight and breathable to keep your baby comfortable while staying away from UV rays. In addition to this, we also designed an elasticated drawcord to prevent the sun hat from falling off.

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