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Pros and Cons of Baby Wearing

All clothing has advantages and disadvantages, and so does baby wearing. It strengthens the bond between baby and parent, and when baby is in baby wearing, he has little freedom to do other things.

Advantages of baby wearing

Baby will be happier. According to the survey results, babies who wear baby wearing for no less than three hours a day generally reduce crying by 43% and crying at night by 54%. So we can know that wearing baby wearing makes the baby happy.

Your baby will be healthier. Baby wearing is a healthy wholesale baby clothing that turns out to be great for premature babies. Because premature babies who use baby wearing gain weight faster and are healthier than other premature babies.

Disadvantages of baby wearing

Risk to baby. Carrying a baby with baby wearing is more dangerous than using a stroller. You could fall, slip or accidentally bump their head or foot onto something.

Not suitable for hot weather. In the hot summer, the temperature is already very high. If you use baby wearing to tie you and your baby tightly together, both you and your baby will be hotter, and your baby will be more fragile, and they may even suffer from heat stroke.

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