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Some knowledge about the children’s clothing

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Children's clothing, is clothing suitable for children. According to the age group, it includes baby clothing, toddler clothing, children clothing, middle children clothing, big children clothing, etc. The material requirements of children's clothes are higher than that of adults. They should be good-looking and comfortable to wear. The key is to ensure the quality of children's clothes and not damage the health of children. This is a point that every parent is very concerned about. Do you know the knowledge about children's clothing fabrics?

1. Cotton fabric

Advantages: strong hygroscopicity, good dyeing performance, soft hand feeling, comfortable wearing, simple appearance, not easy to be eaten by insects, firm and durable.

Precautions: Clothing and cotton cloth should be protected from moisture and mildew during storage, use and storage; not exposed to the sun for a long time, the inner layer should be turned out when drying, not soaked for a long time, not wrung out, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and dry.

Ironing points: low temperature, medium temperature ironing; when ironing at medium temperature, cover the clothes with a dry cloth to avoid aurora.

2. Cotton mercerized fabric

Advantages: After the cotton fabric is treated with high concentration of caustic soda (wool), the hand feel is smooth, the color is bright, silky luster, and it is comfortable to wear.

3. T/C fabric (polyester/cotton)

Fabric technology: It is made of fine denier or ultra-fine denier polyester fiber and high-count combed cotton (40, 60, 80, etc.).

Advantages: The fabric feels crisp, smooth and bright in color. It has good elasticity, moisture absorption and air permeability, and has a smooth surface and a certain rainproof function.

Washing and maintenance: The washing temperature is below 30C, the washing and soaking time is not more than 30 minutes, no chlorine bleaching, no exposure to the sun, no wringing, no tumble drying, suitable for drying in the shade, and pay attention to moisture-proof.

Ironing points: do not dry clean, 110 ° C low temperature steam ironing.

4. Wool

Advantages: soft and elastic, soft and natural luster, comfortable and beautiful to wear, high-grade feeling, good hygroscopicity, not easy to conduct heat, good warmth retention, anti-wrinkle, especially good pleating and forming after garment processing and ironing. Clothing style retention.

Precautions: The washing temperature should not be too high, avoid scrubbing and twisting forcefully, and avoid sun exposure.

Ironing points: wet ironing method, ironing the fabric from the reverse side.

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