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The Best Wholesale Baby Clothing Shopping Trends to Keep in Mind

Of all the shopping, shopping for baby clothes is the hardest, because you need to think a lot: how to buy baby clothes? How much baby clothing should I buy? What are the current baby clothing trends? and many more. Here are some answers.

Buying clothes ahead of time: One of the hardest things to do when buying clothes for your unborn baby is because you don't know what the exact size should be. The growth of each baby is different at birth and in the first few months after birth, so the clothes you buy during this period should be avoid overly expensive clothes and try to choose adjustable styles.

2-4 year olds: Buy baby clothes that are easy to put on and take off, which will save you the trouble of dressing and undressing your baby frequently when changing diapers. Jumpsuits are a good choice. As for fabrics, cotton clothes are soft and breathable, making them the best choice for baby clothes.

4-6 year old onesie: Choose one with side buttons, wide opening and free legs are the best, perfect for your baby and won't interfere with their movement.

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