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The Cotton Fabric in Baby Clothes You might be interested

Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the apparel industry, especially in the baby clothing industry. Baby's skin is especially sensitive and delicate, and cotton is a soft, natural fabric, making it the most suitable fabric for baby clothing. Therefore, parents are also very concerned about the cotton fabric, this blog will tell you something about cotton.

Cotton myths and misnomers

Most cotton sold under the name "Pima" or "Egyptian" is not actually pure cotton. According to scientific testing, almost 90% of cotton labelled "Pima" or "Egyptian" is a poor quality blend. This means that these products are not the ideal cotton clothing for parents, and therefore, these products are not suitable for babies.

How to detect pure cotton clothing?

Even though it is marked as 100% cotton, the quality of clothes varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can compare the quality of cotton clothing from the following perspectives.

Durability: Fabrics made from long-staple fibers are generally higher quality because they are spun into finer yarns. This makes the resulting fabric stronger and more durable.

Softness: The length of the fibers is also important for the softness of the material. This is because the ends of the short fibers do not finish cleanly, while the long fibers are more evenly woven into the fabric.

Breathability: One reason some fabrics are less breathable than others is the tiny air pockets between individual threads, which provide insulation. Combed cotton can be woven very tightly, avoiding air bubbles and unpleasant sweat odors.

Both the length of cotton and the degree of combing are basic factors that affect the quality of cotton.

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